Premium Hand Car Wash

Premium Hand Car Wash

Starting Price

Starting Prices:

2 Door Coupe - $80

Sedan - $80

2 Row Suv & Standard Truck - $80

3 Row Suv &/OR Lifted Vehicle or Larger Truck - $100

Larger Vehicles are priced accordingly

Introducing Our Premium Car Wash Service

Experience the epitome of automotive pampering with our meticulously crafted Premium Car Wash service at Houston Auto Details - Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating. We believe in offering nothing less than perfection, and our Premium Car Wash is a testament to that commitment.

What's Included:

  1. Gentle Hand Wash: Your vehicle deserves the gentle touch of our expert detailers at Houston Auto Details. We use high GSM wash mitts to ensure no harm comes to your vehicle's paint, leaving it spotless and pristine.
  2. Showroom Shine with Spray Wax: Our premium service includes a thorough spray wax application. Not only does this enhance the gloss of your car's exterior, but it also provides essential protection.
  3. Wheel and Tire TLC: We don't stop at the surface. Our detailers at Houston Auto Details meticulously clean your vehicle's wheels, wheel barrels, wheel wells, and tires, ensuring every aspect of your ride gleams with perfection.
  4. UV Protection: Say goodbye to tire cracking caused by harmful UV rays. Our "no sling" tire dressing offers protection, ensuring your tires look great and last longer.
  5. Thorough Towel Dry: Your car deserves to be treated like royalty. We at Houston Auto Details carefully towel dry every inch of your vehicle, leaving no water spots or streaks behind.
  6. Exterior Window & Mirror Clean: Crystal clear visibility is crucial. We clean your exterior windows and mirrors to perfection, ensuring a safe and stylish drive.
  7. Quick Interior Refresh($20): For a minimal additional cost, opt for our quick interior surface wipe-down. It's a simple and efficient way to refresh your cabin's surfaces without the full detailing treatment.

At Houston Auto Details - Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating, we're passionate about cars, and our Premium Car Wash service is designed to make your vehicle shine, inside and out. Treat your car to the best, and experience automotive luxury like never before.

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