What Causes Scratches and Swirls on my Car?

What Causes Scratches and Swirls on my Car?

➊ Improper Washing & Drying We all grew up thinking that Washing our cars with a brush at the Car Wash or at Home was the norm. What nobody ever told us was just how harmful this old process is. Our Vehicle’s Paint has a razor-thin layer of Clear Coat that can easily be scratched by Dirt that gets trapped in a Brush or Sponge. These Scratches continue to accumulate over time and eventually, they become very visible, specially in direct sun light. The Solution – There are 5 steps to a Proper Wash. Pressure Rinse the Car to remove heavy dirt from the vehicle’s paint. Use a Foam Cannon to apply Thick Foamy Soap on the Vehicle. This will loosen up the remaining dirt while adding lubrication to the paint. Use the 2-Bucket System. One Bucket with soap and the other with clean water. You start by using a Microfiber Towel or Mitt and start from the top of the vehicle and work towards the bottom. Only wipe in Side to Side or Up and Down Motions. Circular Motion can cause Swirl Marks. Periodically rinse the Towel in the Water Bucket to remove debris. Then dunk it in the Soap Bucket and continue washing. Depending on the temperature, you might have to wash a section at a time. Then rinse it before moving on to another section to avoid the soap from drying. Finally, Rinse the entire vehicle to remove dirt and soap. You can then start drying the vehicle but only with a soft Microfiber Towel. We also suggest using a Drying Lubricant or Wax-As-You-Dry. This will provide some shine while adding a layer of protection.

➋ Automatic Car Washes But even worst then improper washing are Automatic Car Washes. The large Brushes slapping your vehicle, accumulate dirt from every vehicle. The trapped dirt on those brushes acts like sandpaper to your car’s finish. Touchless Car Washes cause less damage, but the high pressure can also push dirt into your paint. These Car Washes also cause scratches. 

➌ Leaning Against Your Ride Letting someone lean against your vehicle can cause light clear scratches. Sometimes we don’t realize this and we lean on our vehicles when we’re waiting or talking to someone. Placing items on your vehicle can also cause scratches that you may not see until you wash your vehicle. 

➍ Natural Elements & Road Debris Unfortunately, there’s not much that we can do about harsh weather or Road Debri. You can pay close attention while driving to stay far back from large vehicles. You can also get a Paint Protection Film installed on your Vehicle. This will help prevent paint chips and scratches caused by road debris. Conclusion Now that you know why your vehicle ends up with fine scratches, you can take measures to avoid it as much as possible. If you wash your vehicle, use the 2-Bucket method mentioned above. Plus look for a Premier Detail Shop that will take care of your vehicle. If you are traveling and don’t have access, the next best thing would be a Touchless Car Wash. But you should avoid that as much as possible.

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