Tips on Washing Your Car

Tips on Washing Your Car

Washing  your car is the most common and obvious task you should do to maintain your car’s appearance. The longer you wait, the more dirt and gunk will build up on your car, which will take more time and energy to clean it up.

How and where you wash your car is going to be highly dependent on the area you live and the type of end results you’d like to see from your car wash.

For example, if you have a work truck that works in construction sites, you’re probably only going to wash your truck to get rid of the dirt, but you’re not really going to be worried about the details since you know the next day it’s going to be dirty again.

On the other hand, if your car just went through an extensive paint correct process and your paint is amazing, you’ll probably take more time, energy, and attention to making sure your car wash doesn’t install any unwanted swirls or scratches.

So here are 8 tips you can use to wash your car.

1. Start from the top down

You always want to start washing your car from the roof, to the door panels, to the bottom of the car. This will ensure that you don’t work over yourself, saving you time and energy.

If you have a bigger sized car or truck, you can always use a step ladder to reach the top of the roof.

2. Move your car to the bottom of the driveway

If your car is parked at the top of the driveway, you’re going to get water everywhere, and if someone walks by there, their shoes are going to get wet. This isn’t always a big deal, but to save you that hassle, or perhaps you simply don’t want water in that area, roll the car down to the bottom of the driveway.

Now you won’t have standing water in the middle of the driveway and you can continue to wash your car without getting in anyones way.

3. Use the two-bucket wash method

The two bucket wash method is fairly simple in concept; one bucket is for the rinse water, the other bucket is for the soap water. Once your done washing a panel of the car, instead of dumping it back into the soap water, you’ll first rinse out the dirt and gunk from the wash mitt by rinsing it out in the rinse bucket, then you’ll dunk it into the soap water and will have a new clean wash mitt to work with

4. Use a high quality drying towel

If you buy one of those microfiber towels from your local auto parts store, you’re going to have a bad time. Those towels are made out of cheap material and will not do the best job in drying off a car. They’ll get to wet and will have to spend more time ringing them out instead of drying the actual car.

You can go to sites like AutoGeek to look at a list of high quality grade microfiber drying towels.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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